Fighting for attention in the age of distraction

 "Distractibility might be regarded as the mental equivalent of obesity.”...(the) “resource we’re talking about here is attention. Silence is this thing that we take for granted, kind of like clean air and clean water, which makes it possible to think, which is no small thing.” #matthewbcrawford

I was at a hockey game not too long ago and was considering this very idea - and unfortunately we are at a point where we are conditioned to comply with little or no thought to the consequences. Not only is our attention being sought out and bombarded, we are willingly following suit. As I glanced around when such stimuli was not overwhelmingly being targeted at us, a significant amount of us picked up our phones to engage (or arguably disengage) with something rather than just be. What precious resources - to be silent and with ourselves - let's make attending within a more common practice. Philosopher-mechanic

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