Counselling Services

Counselling, which is also referred to as therapy or psychotherapy, is the process of meeting with a counsellor to discuss problematic feelings, beliefs, behaviors and relationship issues.  Beginning therapy can be a very daunting process; however it is a crucial step towards becoming the healthiest version of yourself, and making the conscious decision to improve your life- no matter what challenges you may be up against. 

Through the counselling process, you can change damaging behaviors and habits, process painful feelings, and improve your relationships. You, along with your counsellor, will establish goals for your counselling sessions and determine the steps you can take to make these changes. 

Your relationship with your counsellor provides you with a confidential space where you can share your feelings and experiences. Your counsellor will be someone who supports you, listens attentively, and gives you appropriate feedback.  

This process can help break negative patterns that are preventing you from making healthy decisions in your life.

Kim Lawrence offers compassionate, confidential counselling sessions and has worked with individuals and couples experiencing the following:

Stress, anxiety and depression

Grief and loss

Physical and sexual abuse

Self-esteem concerns

Anger management

Relationship concerns

Parenting/co-parenting concerns

Separation and divorce