New Day Resolutions

In January we often look toward New Year resolutions. We have an opportunity to breath after the busy holidays and hopefully reflect on the past year - the ups, downs and in between. This seems to naturally lead us to setting goals for the year before us - a clean slate and opportunity to become a better version of ourselves. But if I am any reflection of the greater population, it can be hard to stick to said-goals and once we experience any degree of 'failure', our new goals often go by the wayside. And so, I say: Ditch the New Year resolution and embrace the New Day resolution. Wake up each morning with a renewed commitment to achieving your goals - make a valiant effort - but if we only hit the 60% mark on a particular day, we can acknowledge and accept this, move on to the next day and try again!  Small steps and being gentle with ourselves is in order - knowing that it is a wonderful sign of strength and self-awareness that we want to work daily toward being the best version of ourselves.